BCGControlBar Pro for MFC

Detailed Description

The CBCGPSpinButtonCtrl is provided as an extension for CSpinButtonCtrl, which allows to use an active visual manager to draw spin buttons. You can replace all instances in your application of CSpinButtonCtrl with CBCGPSpinButtonCtrl in order to display them using the library's visual manager.

See also

Inherits CSpinButtonCtrl.

Inherited by CBCGPRibbonSpinButtonCtrl, CBCGPTabSpinButtonCtrl, and CBCGPToolbarSpinButtonCtrl.

Public Attributes

 m_bIsFlatSpecifies whether a control has a flat look.
 m_bOnGlassSpecifies whether a control is located on the "glass" (DWM) area of the parent window.
 m_bVisualManagerStyleSpecifies whether a control has a Visual Manager style look.
 m_clrBackgroundSpecifies control background color.