BCGControlBar Pro for MFC

Detailed Description

Contains information about specific tab. Used internally by tab control classes.

Inherits CObject.

Protected Attributes

 m_bAlwaysShowToolTipTab tooltip should be always displayed, even if there is enough space to display a full tab text label.
 m_bIconOnlyShow the icon only, no text label.
 m_bIsDetachableTRUE if this tab is detachable.
 m_bIsSelectedTRUE if this tab is selected.
 m_bVisibleIs tab visible.
 m_clrBackThe tab background color.
 m_clrTextThe tab text color.
 m_hIconThe tab icon.
 m_nFullWidthFull width of the tab.
 m_pWndCorresponding window.
 m_rectThe tab boundaries.
 m_strTextThe tab text.
 m_uiIconThe tab icon index.