BCGControlBar Pro for MFC

Detailed Description

The CBCGTask class is a helper class used to describe tasks for task pane control (CBCGPTasksPane). The task object represents an item in the task group (CBCGPTasksGroup). Each task may have an associated command that should be executed when the user clicks on the task and icon displayed from the left side of the task name.

The following picture shows a group consisted of three tasks:

If a task hasn't been associated with a command ID it's treated as a simple label.

Inherits CBCGPBaseAccessibleObject.

Public Types

enum  WindowAlign

Public Member Functions

 CBCGPTaskCreates and initializes a CBCGPTask object.

Public Attributes

 m_bAutoDestroyWindowSpecifies whether the task window should be destroyed automatically or not.
 m_bEnabledSpecifies whether a task is enabled.
 m_bIsBoldSpecifies whether to draw bold text for the task label.
 m_bVisibleSpecifies whether the task is visible or not.
 m_dwUserDataThe user-defined data. Can be 0.
 m_hwndTaskHandle to the task window.
 m_nIconSpecifies the index of task's image in the image list.
 m_nWindowHeightSpecifies the task window height.
 m_nWindowWidthSpecifies the task window width.
 m_pGroupPointer to the parent group.
 m_rectThe task's bounding rectangle.
 m_strNameThe task's name.
 m_uiCommandIDThe task's command ID.
 m_WindowAlignSpecifies the task window location.