BCGControlBar Pro for MFC
virtual BOOL CBCGPToolBar::OnUserToolTip ( CBCGPToolbarButton pButton,
CString &  strTTText 
) const

Called when a toolbar button's tooltip is about to be displayed.

Should return nonzero if a tooltip was displayed; otherwise 0.

Override the OnUserToolTip member function to customize tool tips of toolbar buttons.

The default implementation tries to call the CBCGPFrameWnd::GetToolbarButtonToolTipText (as well as MDI and OleIp frame, depending on the main frame object) function to obtain a button's tooltip text and if it does not succeed, it takes the button's text and displays it as a tooltip.

pButton[in] Points to a toolbar button, whose tooltip should be displayed.
strTTTextA reference to CString object that receives the tooltip's text.