BCGControlBar Pro for MFC
int CBCGPToolBar::ReplaceButton ( UINT  uiCmd,
const CBCGPToolbarButton button,

Replaces a toolbar button with another toolbar button.

The number of replaced buttons. It returns 0 if a button with the specified by uiCmd command does not exist on the toolbar.

Call this member function to replace a toolbar button with another toolbar button. If the bAll parameter is TRUE, then all buttons located after a button with the uiCmd command will be replaced.

This function is useful when you need to put on a toolbar non-standard buttons that can't be loaded from the resources. Usually, you should reserve dummy toolbar buttons at design time and replace them at the runtime.

uiCmdSpecifies the command ID of a button to replace.
buttonA reference to CBCGPToolbarButton - derived object to insert.
bAllIndicates whether to replace all buttons starting from the specified by uiCmd button.