BCGControlBar Pro for MFC
virtual BOOL CBCGPToolBar::CanBeRestored ( ) const

Returns nonzero if the application can revert a toolbar to its original state after customization.

Nonzero if the toolbar can be restored from the application resources; otherwise 0.

The framework calls this function to determine whether a toolbar can be returned to its original state after customization. The original state is loaded from the application resources.

If CanBeRestored returns nonzero, then the toolbar customization dialog ("Toolbars" page) enables "Reset" button for the selected toolbar.

The default implementation checks for a toolbar's original (a toolbar was loaded from) resource ID and if it is not 0, it decides that the toolbar can be restored. Usually, only user-defined (created during customization) toolbars can't be restored.

You can override CanBeRestored member function to customize this behavior in CBCGPBaseToolBar - derived classes.