BCGControlBar Pro for MFC
void CBCGPToolBar::GetButtonInfo ( int  nIndex,
UINT &  nID,
UINT &  nStyle,
int &  iImage 
) const

Given an index of toolbar button, returns an information about this button.

The GetButtonInfo member function gets a toolbar's button at the specified index and retrieves the button's command ID, style and image index.

If the button at the specified index does not exist nID and nStyle will be set to 0, iImage will be set to (-1) at the function return.

nIndex[in] Specifies a button's index in the toolbar's internal list of buttons.
nID[out] Specifies the command ID of a button.
nStyle[out] Specifies the style of a button.
iImage[out] Specifies the index of a button's image.