BCGControlBar Pro for MFC
BOOL CBCGPToolBarImages::PrepareDrawImage ( CBCGPDrawState ds,
CSize  sizeImageDest = CSize(0, 0),
BOOL  bFadeInactive = FALSE,
BOOL  bCreateDPIImage = FALSE 

Allocates resources according to destination size to render a toolbar image.

Nonzero if the resources required to draw the toolbar image were allocated successfully.

Call this function to allocate the resources required to display a toolbar image according to a destination image size specified by sizeImageDest.

dsA reference to CBCGPDrawState structure, which carries the allocated resources between image rendering stages.
sizeImageDestSpecifies the size of a destination image.
bFadeInactiveSet it to TRUE to draw inactive image with a fading effect.
bCreateDPIImageSet it to TRUE to draw image with cuurent DPI.