BCGControlBar Pro for MFC

Detailed Description

The CBCGPToolTipParams is used to initialize custom tooltips.

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Public Attributes

 m_bBalloonTooltipTells whether the tooltip is a balloon tooltip.
 m_bBoldLabelTells whether tooltip labels are displayed with the bold font.
 m_bDPIAwareIf this member is TRUE, tooltip width will be automatically scaled according to current DPI.
 m_bDrawDescriptionTells whether tooltip should display a description.
 m_bDrawIconTells whether tooltip should display icon.
 m_bDrawSeparatorTells whether tooltip displays separator between tooltip text and description.
 m_bHideDuplicatedDescriptionIf this member is TRUE and description is the same as tooltip text, only text (name) will be displayed in tooltip.
 m_bVislManagerThemeTells whether the currently activated Visual manager theme is used for tooltip rendering.
 m_clrBorderSpecifies color of tooltip borders.
 m_clrFillSpecifies tooltip background color.
 m_clrFillGradientSpecifies tooltip gradient color.
 m_clrTextSpecifies text color.
 m_nGradientAngleSpecifies gradient angle.
 m_nMaxDescrWidthSpecifies maximal description width.
 m_nPaddingXThe padding x coordinate.
 m_nPaddingYThe padding y coordinate.