BCGControlBar Pro for MFC
virtual int CBCGPToolbarComboBoxButton::Compare ( LPCTSTR  lpszItem1,
LPCTSTR  lpszItem2 

Called by the framework, when it needs to compare two items inserted by AddSortedItems().

Indicates the lexicographic relation of lpszItem1 to lpszItem2:
  • < 0: lpszItem1 less than lpszItem2
  • 0: lpszItem1 identical to lpszItem2
  • > 0: lpszItem1 greater than lpszItem2

Override this method in a derived class if you need to customize the way a CBCGPToolbarComboBoxButton sorts items in the list box of the combo box. This function is called only from the AddSortedItem() method.

lpszItem1The first item to compare.
lpszItem2The second item to compare.