BCGControlBar Pro for MFC
CBCGPToolbarCustomize::CBCGPToolbarCustomize ( CFrameWnd *  pWndParentFrame,
BOOL  bAutoSetFromMenus = FALSE,
CList< CRuntimeClass *, CRuntimeClass * > *  plistCustomPages = NULL 


pWndParentFrameThe pointer to the parent frame (usualy - CMainFrame).
bAutoSetFromMenusSpecifies whether the customization hirerechy will be automatically created from the application frame menus.
uiFlagsToolbar customization flags.
plistCustomPages(Optional) List of custom pages. Each member should be derived from CPropertyPage or CBCGPPropertyPage class.

uiFlags can be one or combination of the following values:

  • BCGCUSTOMIZE_MENU_SHADOWS: allow changing menu shadow appearance
  • BCGCUSTOMIZE_TEXT_LABELS: allow changing toolbar text labels below the image
  • BCGCUSTOMIZE_MENU_ANIMATIONS: allow changing menu animations effect
  • BCGCUSTOMIZE_NOHELP: remove help button from the customization dialog
  • BCGCUSTOMIZE_CONTEXT_HELP: add '?' to caption and "What's This" context menu
  • BCGCUSTOMIZE_NOTOOLS: remove tools page from the customization dialog
  • BCGCUSTOMIZE_MENUAMPERS: allow buttons text containing '&'
  • BCGCUSTOMIZE_NO_LARGE_ICONS: remove "Large Icons" option from the customization dialog
  • BCGCUSTOMIZE_RESIZABLE: create resizable "Customize" property sheet
  • BCGCUSTOMIZE_LOAD_PLACEMENT: load recent position and size of "Customize" property sheet (valid only is BCGCUSTOMIZE_RESIZABLE flag is used).