BCGControlBar Pro for MFC
CBCGPToolbarDateTimeCtrl::CBCGPToolbarDateTimeCtrl ( UINT  uiID,
int  iImage,
DWORD  dwStyle = 0,
int  iWidth = 0,
const CTime &  time = CTime() 

Constructs a CBCGPToolbarDateTimeCtrl object.

Constructs and initializes a CBCGPToolbarDateTimeCtrl object. The object is initialized to system date and time.

You should call CreateDateTimeCtrl() member function to create the Windows control and attach it to the CBCGPToolbarDateTimeCtrl object.

uiIDSpecifies the control ID.
iImageSpecifies the image index in the toolbar's CBCGPToolBarImages object.
dwStyleSpecifies the control's style.
iWidthSpecifies the control's width.
timeSpecifies initial date/time.