BCGControlBar Pro for MFC
virtual COLORREF CBCGPVisualManager::OnDrawPropSheetListItem ( CDC *  pDC,
CBCGPPropertySheet pParent,
CRect  rect,
BOOL  bIsHighlighted,
BOOL  bIsSelected 

Called by the framework do draw an item displayed on the list located at the left side of property sheet working in PropSheetLook_List mode.

Property sheet working in the "list mode" (PropSheetLook_List) displays a list of items (available property pages).

Override this method in a derived class to customize look of these items.

pDCA pointer to a device context.
pParentA pointer to parent.
rectBounding rectangle of item.
bIsHighlightedSpecifies whether the item is highlighted.
bIsSelectedSpecifies whether the item is selected.