BCGControlBar Pro for MFC

Detailed Description

The BCGP_GRID_FILTERBAR_PARAM structure describes the filters applied to Grid Control in "filter bar" mode.

In the "filter bar" mode Grid Control displays a filter edit box under each column. The grid control applies cumulative filter for each column and shows only rows that satisfy that filter.

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Public Member Functions

 BCGP_GRID_FILTERBAR_PARAMConstructs the object.
 ClearClears the data.

Public Attributes

 bAutoExpandGroupsSpecifies whether groups (items with sub-items) will be automatically expanded when sub-item is included in the filtering results.
 bIncludeGroupsSpecifies whether groups (items with sub-items) should be included in the filtering results.
 bNoCaseSpecifies whether the filter is case sensitive or not.
 clrMarkBackgroundThe highlighted (marked) text background color.
 clrMarkTextThe highlighted (marked) text foreground color.
 colorsSpecifies filter bar colors.
 lstFilterThe list of filters applied to individual columns.