BCGControlBar Pro for MFC

Detailed Description

This is a helper structure to implement find and replace feature of CBCGPGridCtrl class.

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Public Member Functions


Public Attributes

 bCaseSpecifies whether the search should be case sensitive, or not.
 bNextSpecifies whether the user clicked the Find Next button.
 bSearchInCollapsedGroupsspecifies whether a search should be performed in the hidden (located in collapsed groups) rows.
 bStartFromCurrentIf this member is FALSE, start scan from the next item, the current item is not included in results.
 bWholeCellSpecifies whether to search for whole cell content, or not.
 bWholeWordSpecifies whether to search for whole words, or not.
 dwUserDataThis member can be used to store any additional custom data.
 lpszFindA string to search for.
 lpszReplaceA "replace" string.
 nLookInSpecifies where to search.
 nSearchColumnspecifies a zero-based Grid column index where search should be performed. If this member is (-1) (default value), all Grid columns will be used.
 scanOrderSpecifies the scan order.