BCGControlBar Pro for MFC

Detailed Description

The BCGPChartFormatDataTable structure defines options that can be applied to Chart data table.

Public Member Functions

 GetContentPaddingReturns a data table content padding.
 ResetResets the object to default state.
 SetContentPaddingModifies a data table content padding.

Public Attributes

 m_bCustomInterlaceColorSet TRUE to use the custom interlace color.
 m_bDrawHorizontalGridLinesSet TRUE to draw horizontal grid lines.
 m_bDrawOutlineSet TRUE to draw table outline.
 m_bDrawVerticalGridLinesSet TRUE to draw vertical grid lines.
 m_bInterlaceRowsSet TRUE to interlace data table rows.
 m_brFillSpecifies data table fill color.
 m_brInterlaceFillThe interlace fill brush.
 m_bRoundValuesTRUE to round values displayed in the data table cells.
 m_bShowLegendKeysSet TRUE to show or FALSE to hide the legend keys.
 m_horizontalGridLinesFormatSpecifies data table horizontal grid lines format.
 m_labelFormatSpecifies data table text labels format.
 m_outlineFormatSpecifies data table outline format.
 m_verticalGridLinesFormatSpecifies data table vertical grid lines format.