BCGControlBar Pro for MFC

Detailed Description

Public Attributes

 m_bDateOneColumnSpecifies whether a date is displayed in the single column.
 m_bLargeFontSpecifies whether a large (double-size) font is used for drawing a text.
 m_bStartOnTimePageSpecifies initial page. This parameter is used only if m_layout is DISPLAY_DATE_AND_TIME_ON_PAGES
 m_bTimeOneColumnSpecifies whether a time is displayed in the single column.
 m_bTodayButtonSpecifies whether "Today" button is displayed along with "Ok" and "Cancel" buttons.
 m_bUseOwnerFontSpecifies whether owner window font should be used in the popup window.
 m_bVisualManagerStyleSpecifies whether the windows has visual manager style.
 m_dateFormatSpecifies the date format.
 m_layoutSpecifies the window layout.
 m_monthFormatSpecifies the month format.
 m_nMaxYearSpecifies a maximal allowed year.
 m_nMinYearSpecifies a minimal allowed year.
 m_strCancelLabelSpecifies Cancel button text label.
 m_strOkLabelSpecifies OK button text label.
 m_strTodayLabelSpecifies Today button text label.
 m_timeFormatSpecifies the time format.