BCGSuite for MFC

Detailed Description

The CBCGPAnimCtrl class provides the functionality of animation control.

An animation control is a rectangular window that displays a set of bitmaps with specified frame rate. The bitmaps are stored in internal CImageList.

If you want to create a CBCGPAnimCtrl object within a dialog box or from a dialog resource:

  • Using resource editor insert a simple static control and assign it resource ID.
  • Using ClassWizard create a new class member. The member will be created as a CStatic object.
  • Go to the dialog box class header file and change CStatic type to CBCGPGAnimCtrl.

You can use the functions CBCGPAnimCtrl::Play and CBCGPAnimCtrl::Stop to control playback. Use CBCGPAnimCtrl::SetFrameRate function to adjust the animation frame rate.

Inherits CStatic.

Public Member Functions

 GetFrameRateGets the current frame rate value
 IsRunningIndicates whether the animation is running
 PlayStarts/continues playback
 SetBackColorSets a new background color for the control.
 SetBitmapSets a new bitmap
 SetBitmapSets a new bitmap
 SetFrameRateSets the new frame rate for the animation
 StopStops the current animation.