BCGSuite for MFC

Detailed Description

The CBCGPCalendarMenuButton class is designed to allow easy implementation of CBCGPCalendarBar object when you want to integrate a calendar picker functionality with menus and toolbars .

The CBCGPCalendarMenuButton object should be created as a replacement for the regular menu item or toolbar button. When a CBCGPCalendarMenuButton object has been created you can set the desired CBCGPCalendarBar styles and then call ReplaceButton method exposed by CBCGPToolBar class. If you're dealing with tool bar customization, you need to call CBCGPToolbarCustomize::ReplaceButton method. The popup bar (CBCGPCalendarBar) is created during processing of CreatePopupMenu handler and notifies the parent frame by WM_COMMAND message. It sends as a Command ID the ID that has been assigned to the regular menu item before replacement of menu item.

See also
CBCGPCalendarBar, CBCGPToolBar, CBCGPToolbarMenuButton

Inherits CBCGPToolbarMenuButton.

Public Member Functions

 CBCGPCalendarMenuButtonThe constructor.
 CBCGPCalendarMenuButtonThe constructor.
 EnableTearOffChanges an ability to have tear-off state for the calendar bar
 GetDateRetrieves the current button's date.
 SetDateChange a date.

Static Public Member Functions

 SetCalendarByCmdIDGiven a button's command ID, changes the date of the calendar button.