BCGControlBar Pro for MFC

Detailed Description

The CBCGPAutoHideButton provides the functionality of a toolbar button that triggers show and hide of a control bar that was switched to autohide mode.

Objects of this class are created automatically by the framework when a control bar is switched to the autohide mode.

You can supply your own runtime class for autohide buttons using a static member CBCGPAutoHideToolbar::m_pAutoHideButtonRTS.

By default this member is set to the runtime class of CBCGPAutoHideButton.

See also
CBCGPAutoHideToolBar, CBCGPAutoHideDockBar

Inherits CObject.

Public Member Functions

 CreateCreates and initializes the autohide button
 GetAlignmentReturns alignment of autohide button.
 GetAutoHideWindowReturns a control bar attached to an autohide button
 GetSizeReturns size of an autohide button.
 GetTextSizeReturns the size of an autohide button text label.
 IsActiveIndicates whether the autohide button is active or not.
 IsHorizontalDetermines whether the button is horizontal or vertical.
 IsVisibleDetermines the button's visibility.
 OnDrawCalled by the framework to render an autohide button.
 OnDrawBorderCalled by the framework to draw the border of an autohide button.
 OnFillBackgroundCalled by the framework to fill the background of an autohide button.
 ShowAttachedWindowShows or hides the attached docking control bar.
 ShowButtonShows or hides an Autohide button.