BCGControlBar Pro for MFC
virtual CBCGPChartValue CBCGPChartStockSeries::GetCustomStockValue ( int  nDataPointIndex) const

Called to retrieve a custom stock value at the specified index.

Override this method when stock series type is set to SST_LINE_CUSTOM and return a custom stock value to be displayed for stock line chart.

For example, you may have an option to display a line as (high + low) / 2, in this case the override would look like this:

virtual CBCGPChartValue GetCustomStockValue(int nDataPointIndex) const
CBCGPChartStockData data = GetStockDataAt(nDataPointIndex);
return CBCGPChartValue((data.m_dblHigh + data.m_dblLow) / 2);
nDataPointIndexSpecifies the data point index whose value is retrieved.