BCGControlBar Pro for MFC

Detailed Description

The CBCGPChartView class simplifies use of the Chart control CBCGPChartCtrl with MFC's document-view architecture.

CBCGPChartView is capable of displaying an advanced legend as a separate control automatically connected to a chart hosted in the view. You have to call CBCGPChartView::EnableAdvancedLegend to display the legend.

You can call CBCGPChartView::GetLegend to obtain a pointer to legend visual object. If you wish to display a custom legend, call CBCGPChartView::GetLegendCtrl and then create a custom legend calling CBCGPChartLegendCtrl::CreateCustomLegend.

For advanced legend customization process BCGM_ON_CHART_LEGEND_CONTENT_CREATED in a CBCGPChartView - derived class.

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Inherits CBCGPScrollView.

Public Member Functions

 EnableAdvancedLegendDisplays an advanced legend that is automatically connected to hosted chart
 GetChartReturns a pointer to underlined Chart visual object.
 GetChartCtrlReturns the embedded chart control.
 GetLegendReturns a pointer to advanced legend
 GetLegendCtrlReturns a pointer to control that hosts advanced legend in the view