BCGControlBar Pro for MFC
void CBCGPChartVisualObject::AddDataPoints ( const CBCGPDoubleArray &  arYValues,
int  nSeries = 0,
CBCGPDoubleArray *  parXValues = NULL,
CBCGPDoubleArray *  parY1Values = NULL,
BOOL  bRecalcMinMaxValues = TRUE 

Adds several data points at once.

Call this method to add a batch of data points. Set bRecalcMinMaxValues to FALSE if you're planning to add several batches before chart is displayed. After that you have to call RecalcMinMaxValues() manually.

Unlike AddDataPointsOptimized() using this method does not optimize memory consumptions and still allows individual data point customization.

arYValuesArray of Y values.
nSeriesSeries index.
parXValuesArray of X values.
parY1ValuesArray of Y1 values.
bRecalcMinMaxValuesTRUE - calculate series minimum and maximum.