BCGControlBar Pro for MFC
int CBCGPChartVisualObject::AddChartDataYY1Y2 ( double  dblY,
double  dblY1,
double  dblY2,
int  nSeries = 0,
BCGPChartFormatSeries pFormatDataPoint = NULL,
DWORD_PTR  dwUserData = 0 

Adds a new data point with specified Y, Y1 and Y2 components.

Call this method to add data points for Ternary diagrams. It's not necessary to normalize the values being added to 100%, the ternary series does it automatically. It means that if you call AddChartDataYY1Y2(70, 120, 1000) the new data point will be correctly displayed on the ternary diagram in [0-100] range.

dblYSpecifies Y component value (A).
dblY1Specifies Y1 component value (B).
dblY2Specifies Y2 component value (C).
nSeriesZero-based series index.
pFormatDataPointData point formatting options.
dwUserDataUser-defined data to be associated with a new data point.