BCGControlBar Pro for MFC
virtual void CBCGPColorMenuButton::OnDraw ( CDC *  pDC,
const CRect &  rect,
CBCGPToolBarImages pImages,
BOOL  bHorz = TRUE,
BOOL  bCustomizeMode = FALSE,
BOOL  bHighlight = FALSE,
BOOL  bDrawBorder = TRUE,
BOOL  bGrayDisabledButtons = TRUE 

Called to render an image of the button for screen display

pDCA pointer to a device context
rectA reference to CRect object that contains the screen coordinates of area to be redrawn
pImagesPoints to the list of toolbar images
bHorzSpecifies where the toolbar is in horizontal docked state
bCustomizeModeSpecifies whether the application is in customize mode
bHighlightSpecifies whether the button is highlighted
bDrawBorderSpecifies whether the button's border should be displayed
bGrayDisabledButtonsSpecifies whether disabled buttons should be grayed out

Reimplemented from CBCGPToolbarMenuButton.