BCGControlBar Pro for MFC
void CBCGPDockingControlBar::SetTabbedControlBarRTC ( CRuntimeClass *  pRTC)

Sets the runtime class information of a tabbed window to be created when two docking control bars produce a tabbed window.

It's possible to create a tabbed window from two control bars dynamically. For example, it happens at runtime when the user drags one control bar to the caption of another control bar.

Also, you can use AttachToTabWnd() method to programmatically create a tabbed window from two docking control bars.

The default runtime class is set according to dwTabbedStyle when a docking control bar is being created. If you want to customize the created tabbed windows, just derive a class from either CBCGPBaseTabbedBar or CBCGPTabbedControlBar or CBCGPOutlookBar and call SetTabbedControlBarRTC with the pointer to its runtime class information.

pRTCPointer to runtime class information.