BCGControlBar Pro for MFC
virtual BOOL CBCGPDockingControlBar::Create ( LPCTSTR  lpszWindowName,
CWnd *  pParentWnd,
CSize  sizeDefault,
BOOL  bHasGripper,
DWORD  dwBCGStyle = dwDefaultBCGDockingBarStyle 

Creates the Windows control and attaches it to the CBCGPDockingControlBar object.

Nonzero if the function succeeds; otherwise 0.

It checks dwStyle and, if it has CBRS_FLOAT_MULTI flag, sets the m_pMiniFrameRTC member to a pointer to CBCGPMultiMiniFrameWnd runtime class information, enabling in this way the ability to float in the mini-frame window with another control bars. By default, docking control bars can float alone having a CBCGPMiniFrameWnd objects as parents.

The function checks the dwTabbedStyle parameters and if it has CBRS_BCGP_OUTLOOK_TABS flag specified, it sets the m_pTabbedControlBarRTC member to a pointer to CBCGPOutlookBar runtime class information, enabling the ability to create outlook-style tabbed bars when another control bar is attached to this control bar using the AttachToTabWnd() function. By default, docking control bars create regular tabbed control bars of CBCGPTabbedControlBar type.

lpszWindowNamePoints to a null-terminated character string that contains the window name.
pParentWndThe parent window.
sizeDefaultSpecifies the size of the window.
bHasGripperSpecifies whether the control bar should be created with caption (TRUE) or without caption.
nIDThe ID of the child window. Must be unique if you want to save docking state for this docking control bar.
dwStyleSpecifies the window style attributes.
dwTabbedStyleSpecifies the tabbed style of a tabbed window that will be created when the user drags another control bar on the caption of this control bar.
dwBCGStyleSpecifies the additional BCGP style attributes.