BCGControlBar Pro for MFC

Detailed Description

The CBCGPFontDesc class is a small helper class, which maintains a Windows font attributes (or description).

Usually, objects of this class are attached by the framework to the items of CBCGPToolbarFontCombo as the extra data. You can obtain a pointer to a CBCGPFontDesc object by calling CBCGPToolbarFontCombo::GetFontDesc.

See also
CBCGPToolbarFontCombo, CBCGPToolbarFontSizeCombo

Inherits CObject.

Public Member Functions

 CBCGPFontDescConstructs a CBCGPFontDesc object.
 CBCGPFontDescConstructs a CBCGPFontDesc object.
 GetFullNameRetrieves the full name of the font.

Public Attributes

 m_nCharSetSpecifies the character set.
 m_nPitchAndFamilySpecifies the pitch and family.
 m_nTypeSpecifies the type of the font.
 m_strNameSpecifies the unique name of the font.
 m_strScriptSpecifies the script.