BCGControlBar Pro for MFC

Detailed Description

The CBCGPMenuImages class contains only static members. It provides the functionality that helps to display various predefined images like close buttons, maximize buttons, radio buttons, arrows and so on.

The CBCGPMenuImages class defines IMAGES_IDS enumerator that is passed as parameter to the Draw() member function. In its turn, the Draw() function redirects the call to the CBCGPToolBarImages protected member that performs the actual work.

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Static Public Member Functions

 CleanUpThe CleanUp function frees the internal CBCGPMenuImages resources. Called by the framework during un-initialization process from BCGCBProCleanUp global function.

bIsGlobalCleanUpIf this parameter is TRUE, CBCGPMenuImages cannot be used anymore - it should be specified at application exit.
 DrawRenders an image
 DrawRenders an image
 SizeReturns the standard image size.