BCGControlBar Pro for MFC

Detailed Description

The CBCGPOutlookWnd control has look & feel like the one that found in Microsoft Outlook.

You should use CBCGPOutlookBar class if you want to create an outlook bar control with docking support.

Inherits CBCGPBaseTabWnd.

Public Member Functions

 AddControlAdds a control as a new page of outlook window.
 CreateCreates the Windows outlook window and attaches it to the CBCGPOutlookWnd object.
 EnableCaptionEnables or disables the Outlook bar caption.
 EnableCollapseModeEnables/disables the Outlook bar collapse mode.
 EnableInPlaceEditEnables or disables in-place editing of page button labels.
 ExpandExpands or collapse the Outlook bar
 GetBorderSizeReturns the border size of an outlook window.
 HasCaptionTells whether the Outlook bar has a caption.
 IsCollapsedTells whether the Outlook bar is collapsed.
 IsCollapseModeEnabledTells whether the Outlook bar collapse mode is enabled.
 SetActiveTabSets the active tab.
 SetBorderSizeSets the new border size and recalculates the outlook window layout.
 SetPageButtonTextAlignChanges text alignment for page buttons of outlook window.
 SetToolbarImageListSets image list to be displayed on outlook's toolbar in the Microsoft Offise2003-like mode.

Static Public Member Functions

 EnableAnimationEnables and disables animation during the switch between pages of an outlook bar.
 IsAnimationReturns nonzero if the animation during page activation is enabled.