BCGControlBar Pro for MFC
virtual BOOL CBCGPPopupWindow::Create ( CWnd *  pWndOwner,
CBCGPPopupWndParams params,
HMENU  hMenu = NULL,
CPoint  ptPos = CPoint(-1,-1),
LPARAM  lParam = 0 

Creates and initializes the popup window.

Nonzero if the popup window was created successfully; otherwise 0.

Call this method to create the popup window. The client area of the popup window is covered by a child dialog, that hosts all necessary controls.

Creates the popup window placing default controls. You can specify what controls to display by filling the CBCGPPopupWndParams structure.

pWndOwnerA pointer to the owner of the popup window. It will receive all notifications. Can't be NULL.
paramsSpecifies parameters to create a default popup window.
hMenuA handle to a Windows menu. The menu is shown when the user clicks the menu button. If this parameter is NULL, the menu button is not displayed.
ptPosSpecifies the initial position on the screen. Should be in the screen coordinates. If this parameter is (-1, -1), the initial position will be in the right bottom corner of the screen.
lParamSpecifies user-derined data.