BCGControlBar Pro for MFC

Detailed Description

The CBCGPPopupWndParams structure is used with CBCGPPopupWindow and specifies what controls should be displayed when the popup window comes up.

See also
CBCGPPopupWindow, CBCGPPopupWindow::Create

Public Attributes

 m_bOpenURLOnClickSpecifies whether click on the link should perform ShellExecute command (open m_strURL link) or send m_nURLCmdID to the owner of popup window.
 m_hIconA handle to icon.
 m_nURLCmdIDCommand ID associated with the link
 m_nXPaddingSpecifies popup window content horizontal padding.
 m_nYPaddingSpecifies popup window content vertical padding.
 m_strTextThe text to be displayed on the popup window.
 m_strTitleThe text to be displayed on top of the popup window.
 m_strURLThe link to be displayed on the popup window.