BCGControlBar Pro for MFC
void CBCGPPropertySheet::AddPageToTree ( CBCGPPropSheetCategory pCategory,
CBCGPPropertyPage pPage,
int  nIconNum = -1,
int  nSelIconNum = -1 

Adds a new property page to the tree navigation control.

Use this function to add a new page to the property sheet and associate this page with a node in the tree navigation control.

If you set pCategory to NULL, the page will be associated with a top-level node.

You can obtain a valid pointer to pCategory using AddTreeCategory().

You must call CBCGPPropertySheet::SetLook with CBCGPPropertySheet::PropSheetLook_Tree style before the property sheet has been created.

pCategoryA pointer to a parent category or NULL.
pPageSpecifies the property page to be added.
nIconNumIcon index.
nSelIconNumSelected item index.