BCGControlBar Pro for MFC

Detailed Description

The CBCGPTabView class simplifies usage of the tab control (CBCGPTabWnd - the class that encapsulates tab control functionality) with MFC's document-view architecture.

Inherits CView.

Public Member Functions

 AddViewAdds a new view to the tab control.
 FindTabGiven a handle to a view returns the view's index in the tab control.
 GetActiveViewReturns the active view
 GetTabControlReturns the tab control associated with the view.
 GetViewReturns a view by index.
 RemoveViewRemoves a view from the tab view.
 SetActiveViewActivates a view.

Protected Member Functions

 IsScrollBarCalled by the framework to determine whether it is allowed to create the tab view with the horizontal shared scroll bar.
 OnActivateViewCalled by the framework when a tab view has been activated.