BCGControlBar Pro for MFC

Detailed Description

The CBCGPTabWnd class provides the functionality that allows to create tabbed widgets. This functionality is analogous to the Microsoft Windows common tab control, but the CBCGPTabWnd class has several extensions. The following is the list of additional features implemented by CBCGPTabWnd class:

  • Various styles: 3D, flat, flat with shared horizontal scroll bar
  • Alignment: top and bottom
  • Ability to show text and/or images
  • Ability to change an active tab color
  • Adjustable tab's border size
  • Detachable tabs

Note. Although it is possible to create a CBCGPTabWnd object in a dialog box, it was aimed for using with docking control bars (see CBCGPDockingControlBar) in Microsoft Excel- and Microsoft Visual Studio- like applications. To include a tab control in your application along with docking (resizable) control bar, follow these steps:

See CBCGPTabbedControlBar documentation for example how to create tabbed window as a docking control bar.

If you want to use CBCGPTabWnd as a non-docking control, just create an instance of CBCGPTabWnd object and call CBCGPTabWnd::Create.

See also
CBCGPDockingControlBar, CBCGPBaseTabWnd
+ Inheritance diagram for CBCGPTabWnd:

Public Types

enum  Style
enum  TabCloseButtonMode
enum  TabDotShape
enum  TabsDocumentsMenuStyle
enum  TabsIconLocation
- Public Types inherited from CBCGPAnimationManager
enum  BCGPAnimationType

Public Member Functions

 AreButtonsVisibleTells whether tab control buttons (scroll/close/menu) are shown or hidden.
 AreDisabledScrollButtonsHiddenTells whether the disabled scroll buttons should be visible.
 ClearNumericNotificationBadgeClears the numeric notification badge.
 CreateCreates the Windows control and attaches it to the CBCGPTabWnd object.
 EnableActiveTabCloseButtonShows or hides close button on active tab.
 EnableInPlaceEditEnables in-place editing of tab labels.
 EnableNewTabEnables adding a new tab by user.
 EnableTabDocumentsMenuReplaces scroll buttons with a button opening popup menu with document names.
 EnsureVisibleEnsures that a tab is visible.
 GetActiveTabExtraHeightReturns active tab additional height (in pixels).
 GetIconLocationReturns the tab icon location.
 GetNewTabLabelGets new tab label.
 GetScrollBarReturns a pointer to the tab control's scroll bar object.
 GetTabAreaReturns the size and position of the tab area of the tabbed window.
 GetTabCloseButtonModeRetrieve the tab close button mode.
 GetTabDocumentsMenuStyleGets tab documents menu style. One of: drop-down arrow, ellipsis or hamburger
 GetTabMaxWidthRetrieves the maximal allowed width of a tab in a tabbed window.
 GetTabStateAnimationFrameDelayGets tab state animation frame delay.
 HideActiveWindowHorzScrollBarObtains a horizontal scroll bar from the window that resides on the active page and hides the scroll bar.
 HideDisabledScrollButtonsSpecify whether the disabled scroll buttons should be visible.
 HideNoTabsEnables or disables the mode when the tab window hides the tab area if there are no visible tabs.
 HideSingleTabSets the mode when the tab window does not display a tab for a single tabbed window.
 IsActiveTabBoldFontTells whether the text of the active tab should be displayed using the bold font.
 IsActiveTabCloseButtonTells whether the close button is displayed on active tab, or at the default location at the right top corner of tab area.
 IsDrawFrameTells whether the tab window draws a frame rectangle around embedded bars.
 IsFlatFrameTells whether the frame around the tabs area is flat or 3D
 IsNewTabEnabledTells whether adding a new tab is enabled.
 IsTabDocumentsMenuTells whether the tab control displays a button opening a popup menu with document names or scroll buttons.
 IsTabStateAnimationTells whether tab state animation is active or not.
 IsVS2005StyleTells whether the tab window is running in Visual Studio 2005-style mode.
 ModifyTabStyleModify the tab style.
 ResetTabStateAnimationStepResets the tab state animation current frame index.
 SetActiveTabActivates a tab.
 SetActiveTabBoldFontEnables or disables the feature that displays the active tab using the bold font.
 SetActiveTabExtraHeightSpecifies active tab additional height.
 SetButtonsVisibleShows or hides all tab controls buttons.
 SetDrawFrameEnables or disables displaying of the frame rectangle around an embedded bar.
 SetFlatFrameSets a flag that determines how to draw the wide frame around the tabs area.
 SetIconLocationSpecifies the tab icon location.
 SetImageListSets an image list.
 SetImageListSets an image list.
 SetNewTabLabelSets new tab text label.
 SetNumericNotificationBadgeSets numeric notification badge for the specific tab.
 SetTabCloseButtonModeSets tab close button mode.
 SetTabMaxWidthSets maximal allowed tab width.
 SetTabMinWidthSets minimal allowed tab width.
 SetTabStateAnimationFrameDelaySpecifies tab state animation frame delay.
 SetTabStateAnimationImagesSets tab animation ("busy" indicator) images. The image list is loaded from the resources.
 SetTabStateAnimationImagesSets tab animation ("busy" indicator) images.
 StartTabStateAnimationStarts tab state animation.
 StopTabStateAnimationStops tab state animation.
- Public Member Functions inherited from CBCGPAnimationManager
 CBCGPAnimationManagerDefault constructor.
 GetAnimatedValueGets current animated value.
 GetAnimationDurationGets animation duration.
 GetLastAnimationErrorGets the animation error returned by recent call to Windows Animation API.
 IsAnimatedChecks if animation is running.
 StartAnimationStarts an animation.
 StartFlashAnimationStarts "flash" animation.
 StopAnimationStops an animation.

Static Public Attributes

 m_bEnableActivatePrevents active view from losing focus.

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from CBCGPAnimationManager
 IsAnimationSupportedByOSChecks if animation is supported by OS.
- Protected Member Functions inherited from CBCGPAnimationManager
 OnAnimationIdleCalled by the framework in an animation idle time.