BCGSuite for MFC

Detailed Description

The CBCGPProgressCtrl class implements drawing of a progress control using Visual Manager. It's also designed to support drawing on DWM ("Glass") window area.

This control is created automatically when you call EnableVisualManagerStyle for CBCGPDialog, CBCGPDialogBar, CBCGPPropertySheet and CBCGPPropertyPage classes.

Inherits CProgressCtrl.

Inherited by CBCGPProgressDlgCtrl.

Public Types


Public Member Functions

 GetProgressStateGets the progress bar state.
 SetProgressStateSets the progress bar state.

Public Attributes

 m_bOnGlassSpecifies whether a control is located on the "glass" (DWM) area of the parent window.
 m_bVisualManagerStyleSpecifies whether a control has a Visual Manager style look.
 m_clrMarqueeSpecifies marquee color (for BCGP_MARQUEE_GRADIENT style).
 m_clrMarqueeGradientSpecifies marquee gradient color (for BCGP_MARQUEE_GRADIENT style).
 m_MarqueeStyleSpecifies marquee theme (for PBS_MARQUEE control style).