BCGControlBar Pro for MFC
void CBCGPChartObject::SetAxisMarkCoordinate ( double  dblVal,
BOOL  bIsVert = TRUE,
BOOL  bOutside = TRUE 

Sets "axis mark" coordinate.

You can call this helper method to turn a Chart Object into an "axis mark".

If bOutside is TRUE the Coordinate Mode will be set to CM_AXIS_OUTSIDE_MARK; otherwise - CM_AXIS_INSIDE_MARK.

If bIsVert is TRUE the "axis mark" will be placed on a vertical axis; otherwise - on horizontal axis (internally it copies dblVal to top or left member of coordinate rectangle).

The following example illustrates how to create an axis mark in this way:

CBCGPChartVisualObject* pChart = m_wndChart.GetChart();
// create an empty object
// set axis mark
// set fill color
pAxisMark->m_format.m_brFillColor = m_brAxisMarkFill;
// set text
pAxisMark->m_strText = _T("5.2");
// add object to Chart
dblValAxis mark value (in axis coordinates).
bIsVertTRUE - set an "axis mark" at the vertical axis; FALSE - set an "axis mark" at the horizontal axis.
bOutsideTRUE - outside axis mark; FALSE - inside axis mark.