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Detailed Description

The CBCGPChartRangeObject class implements a Range Chart Object. A Range Object is a vertical or horizontal zone filled with a predefined color:

This screen shot illustrates two color ranges: horizontal (green) and vertical (orange). Use the CBCGPChartVisualObject::AddChartRangeObject helper to add a Range Chart Object to a diagram.

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The following code adds two ranges as on the picture above:

CBCGPChartVisualObject* pChart = m_wndChart.GetChart();
m_pRangeHorz = pChart->AddChartRangeObject(2, 6, TRUE /* Horizontal */, m_brFill1);
m_pRangeVert = pChart->AddChartRangeObject(6, 9, FALSE /*Vertical */, m_brFill2);
+ Inheritance diagram for CBCGPChartRangeObject:

Public Member Functions

 CBCGPChartRangeObjectThe constructor.
- Public Member Functions inherited from CBCGPChartObject
 CBCGPChartObjectConstructs a CBCGPChartObject object.
 GetBoundingRectReturns a bounding rectangle of a Chart Object.
 GetCoordinateModeReturns current coordinate mode.
 GetCoordinatesReturns current coordinates of a Chart Object.
 GetDescriptionObtain a chart object's description.
 GetObjectSizeCall this method to retrieve custom Chart Object size.
 GetTooltipObtain a chart object's tooltip.
 HitTestHit tests an Chart Object.
 IsForegroundSpecifies whether a Chart Object is foreground, or background.
 IsObjectShownOnAxisTells whether an object is displayed on specified axis.
 IsVisibleTells whether a Chart Object is visible, or hidden.
 OnCalcScreenPointsCalled by the framework to calculate screen positions (in parent Chart client coordinates).
 OnDrawCalled by the framework when it needs to draw a Chart Object.
 SetAxisMarkCoordinateSets "axis mark" coordinate.
 SetCoordinateModeSets new coordinate mode.
 SetCoordinatesSets new coordinates.
 SetCoordinatesSets new coordinates.
 SetCoordinatesSets new coordinates.
 SetForegroundSets a Chart Object foreground or background.
 SetObjectSizeSets custom object size.
 SetParentChartSets the parent Chart.
 SetRelatedAxesSets related axes.
 SetTooltipSpecifies a chart object's tooltip.
 SetVisibleShows or hides a Chart Object.

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Attributes inherited from CBCGPChartObject
 m_formatSpecifies a Chart Object formatting options.
 m_nObjectIDSpecifies a Chart Object ID.
 m_strTextSpecifies Chart Object's text.
- Protected Member Functions inherited from CBCGPChartObject
 OnCalcObjectSizeCalled by the framework to calculate a Chart Object size.
 OnDrawShapeCalled to draw a Chart Object's shape.
 OnDrawTextCalled to draw a Chart Object's text.