BCGControlBar Pro for MFC

Detailed Description

The CBCGPTagCloud is a visual representation for text data ("tags") and the importance of each tag is shown with font size or color. The control implements the following features:

  • Unlimited number of tags.
  • Alphabetical sorting.
  • Sorting by value.
  • Customizable text color.
  • Customizable text format.
  • Tooltip support.
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+ Inheritance diagram for CBCGPTagCloud:

Public Types

enum  SortOrder

Public Member Functions

 CBCGPTagCloudDefault constructor.
 AddAdds a new element to the Tag Cloud.
 EnableAutoHideScrollBarScpecifies whether control's scroll bar should be hidden when scroll bar is inactive (mouse cursor is located outside of scrollbar).
 EnsureVisibleMakes a tag fully visible.
 FindTagSearches for the first tag with the given name.
 GetHighlightedTextColorGets highlighted text color.
 GetSelectedTagReturns a selected tag or NULL if no tag is selected.
 GetTagListGets tag list.
 GetTextColorGets text color.
 GetTextFormatGets text format.
 HitTestTagGet Tag Cloud element by (x, y) coordinates.
 IsScrollBarAutoHideEnabledTells whether control's scroll bars are auto-hidden.
 IsSortDescendingTells whether the sorting is descending.
 IsUnderlineHighlightedTells whether the highlighted tag should be underlined.
 IsVisualManagerThemeTells whether gauge was created with a visual manager theme.
 RemoveAllRemoves all elements from the Tag Cloud.
 SetHighlightedTextColorSets highlighted text color.
 SetSortDescendingSpecifies whether the sorting is descending.
 SetSortOrderSets a sorting order.
 SetTextColorSets text color.
 SetTextFormatSets tag cloud elements text format.
 SetUnderlineHighlightedSpecifies whether the highlighted tag should be underlined or not.
 SetVisualManagerThemeSets the visual manager theme.
- Public Member Functions inherited from CBCGPBaseVisualObject
 CBCGPBaseVisualObjectCopy constructor.
 CopyToClipboardCopies visual object to the Clipboard.
 EnableImageCacheEnables or disables visual object image cache.
 ExportToBitmapExports the visual object to bitmap.
 ExportToFileExports the visual object to a file (BMP or PNG).
 ExportToImageExports the visual object to an image.
 GetDataGets an internal data object.
 GetDataAnimationTypeGets data animation type.
 GetDataCountReturns a number of data objects.
 GetEditFlagsGets editing flags.
 GetFillBrushRetrieves a visual object's background brush
 GetIDGets the object identifier.
 GetNameGets the object name.
 GetParentContainerGets the parent visual container.
 GetRectGets the object bounding rectangle.
 GetSelectedThemeObtain a currently selected visual theme.
 GetUserDataGets user-defined data associated with this object.
 GetValueGets the object value.
 GetVisualEffectRetrieves a visual effect
 IsAutoDestroyTells whether this object will be destroyed automatically.
 IsEditModeTells whether this object has the edit mode.
 IsEnabledTells whether the visual object is enabled.
 IsImageCacheTells whether image cache is enabled for this object.
 IsSelectedTells whether this object is selected in the parent container.
 IsVisibleTells whether the visual object is visible.
 RedrawRedraws this object.
 RedrawRectRedraws a specified rectangle.
 SelectVisualThemeSelect a visual theme created in Visual Designer.
 SetAutoDestroySpecifies whether the object should be destroyed automatically.
 SetDataAnimationTypeSets data animation type.
 SetDirtyInvalidates and redraws a visual object.
 SetEditFlagsSets editing flags.
 SetFillBrushSets a new fill brush.
 SetIDSets the object identifier.
 SetNameSets an object name.
 SetSelectedSelects or unselects the object in the parent container.
 SetUserDataSets user-defined data associated with this object.
 SetValueSets the object value.
 SetVisibleShows or hides the visual object.
 SetVisualEffectSets a visual effect.

Protected Member Functions

 OnClickTagCalled by the framework when the user clicks Tag Cloud element..