BCGSoft Professional Editor for MFC

Detailed Description

This structure is used with CBCGPEditCtrl.

If you have symbol support enabled in your application, you'll need to add symbol definitions using BCGP_EDIT_SYM_DEF. Symbol definition associates a character (m_chReplacement) or character sequence (m_strSymSequence) with a symbol (m_nIndex holds the index of symbol's image). When the edit control encounters a character or character sequence in the text, it automatically replaces this occurrence with an image.

The edit control holds the collection of symbol definitions in a public template list m_lstSymDefs. You can fill this list at the initialization stage.

Public Attributes

 m_chReplacementSpecifies a character to be replaced by symbol (image).
 m_nIndexIndex of image that displayed instead of character or character sequence.
 m_strSymSequenceSpecifies a character sequence to be replaced by an image.