BCGSoft Professional Editor for MFC
Class Hierarchy
This inheritance list is sorted roughly, but not completely, alphabetically:
[detail level 12]
 CBCGP_BASE_UNDO_DATAEdit control undo data
 CBCGP_EDIT_UNDO_OUTLINE_DATAEdit control undo outline data.
 CBCGP_EDIT_OUTLINE_CHANGESKeeps data of all removed and inserted outline blocks.
 CBCGP_EDIT_SYM_DEFEdit control symbol definition
 CBCGP_EDIT_UNDO_ACTIONEdit control undo action
 CBlockTypeEdit control block type definition
 CCBCGPEditCtrlAdvanced edit control
 CCBCGPEditErrorIndicatorEdit control error indicator data
 CCBCGPEditMarkerEdit control marker definition class.
 CCBCGPLineColorMarkerEdit control line color marker
 CCBCGPEditViewEdit view
 CCBCGPIntelliSenseDataEdit control IntelliSense data
 CCBCGPIntelliSenseLBEdit control IntelliSense list box
 CCBCGPIntelliSenseWndEdit control IntelliSense popup window
 CCBCGPOutlineBaseNodeRepresents the data structure for Edit control outlining
 CCBCGPOutlineNodeEdit control hierarchy of outlining nodes
 CCBCGPOutlineParserEdit control outline parser
 CCBCGPSymImagesLBEdit control symbol list box