BCGSoft Professional Editor for MFC

Detailed Description

This structure is used with CBCGPEditCtrl.

The BCGP_EDIT_UNDO_ACTION structure represents the data associated with each undo action. The library maintains an internal list of undo actions and a position in this list m_posUndoBuffer that points to the current undo action.

You can associate a user-defined data to be associated with each undo action. If you want associate a complex data and you want this data destroyed automatically, you need to derive its class from BCGP_BASE_UNDO_DATA and set m_bDestroyActionData to TRUE.

The following methods in CBCGPEditCtrl are used to manipulate the undo buffer:

Public Attributes

 m_bDestroyActionDataSpecifies whether to destroy the user-defined action data or not.
 m_bForceNextUndoSpecifies whether this undo action is a part of undo sequence or not.
 m_dwActionTypeThe undo action type.
 m_dwFlagsUndo action flags.
 m_lpActionDataUser-defined data.
 m_nActionOffsetThe undo action offset.
 m_nCursorOffsetThe cursor offset.
 m_strActionTextAction text.