BCGControlBar Pro for MFC

Detailed Description

The CBCGPToolbarEditBoxButton class provide the functionality that allows to put Windows edit control boxes on toolbars created using BCGControlBar Library framework.

To use edit box buttons in the application:

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Public Member Functions

 CBCGPToolbarEditBoxButtonConstructs a CBCGPToolbarEditBoxButton object.
 CreateEditCreates the Windows edit control and attaches it to the CBCGPToolbarEditBoxButton object
 GetEditBoxReturns a pointer the edit control.
 GetPromptReturns a prompt (displayed when the combo box text is empty).
 SetContentsSets the specified text within a button's edit control box.
 SetPromptSets a prompt displayed when the edit box text is empty.
 SetStyleCalled to set a new style.
- Public Member Functions inherited from CBCGPToolbarButton
 CBCGPToolbarButtonConstructs and initializes a CBCGPToolbarButton object.
 CanBeDroppedIndicates whether a button can be dropped on a toolbar.
 ExportToMenuButtonCalled by the framework to copy the toolbar button into a menu button.
 GetImageReturns a toolbar button's image.
 GetTextSizeReturns the size (in pixels) of the button text.
 IsDrawImageTells whether a button's image is displayed.
 IsDrawTextTells whether a button's text label is displayed.
 IsEditableTells whether a button is customizable or not.
 IsExtraSizeDetermines whether the border's extra size should be taken into account.
 IsHiddenTells whether a button is hidden or not.
 IsLockedReturns a flag indicating whether a button belongs to the locked (non-customizable) toolbar and can't be customized (dragged, dropped or edited).
 IsOnGlassChecks if button is located on DWM ("Glass") area of the parent toolbar.
 IsVisibleDetermines whether a toolbar button is visible or not.
 OnBeforeDragCalled by the framework before user begins to drag the button.
 OnBeforeDropCalled by the framework before button is dropped on target.
 OnClickUpCalled by the framework when the user releases the toolbar button.
 OnContextHelpCalled by the framework when the parent toolbar processes the WM_HELPHITTEST message.
 OnDblClickCalled by the framework when the parent toolbar handles OnLButtonDblClk.
 OnGetCustomToolTipTextCalled by the framework when it needs to display a tooltip for the toolbar button.
 OnToolHitTestCalled by the framework when the parent toolbar needs to determine whether a point is in the bounding rectangle of the specified tool.
 RectReturns a buttons' bounding rectangle.
 SetImageSets a button's image.
 SetRadioCalled by the framework when a button changes its check state.
 SetRectSets a new button's bounding rectangle.
 SetVisibleShows or hides a toolbar button.
 ShowMakes a button visible or hidden.

Static Public Member Functions

 SetContentsAllGiven a command ID looks for a CBCGPToolbarEditBoxButton object and sets the text within its edit control.
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from CBCGPToolbarButton
 GetProtectedCommandsReturns a reference to CList object, which contains a collection of commands that can't be customized by the user.
 SetProtectedCommandsSets a list of protected commands.

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Attributes inherited from CBCGPToolbarButton
 m_bImageIndicates whether the image of the toolbar button is displayed or not.
 m_bTextIndicates whether the text label of the toolbar button is displayed or not.
 m_bTextBelowIndicates whether the button's text label is displayed below the image.
 m_bUserButtonIndicates whether a button has the user-defined image (TRUE) or not (FALSE).
 m_bWholeTextIndicates whether a button displays full text label (TRUE), or clips the text and replace the rest by "..." if the text doesn't fit to the bounding rectangle.
 m_bWrapIf this flag is TRUE for a separator, the next to the separator button will be placed on the next row.
 m_nIDContains the command ID of a button.
 m_nStyleContains the style of a toolbar button.
 m_strTextContains the text label of a button.
- Static Public Attributes inherited from CBCGPToolbarButton
 m_bWrapTextIf TRUE, enables multi-line text labels.