BCGControlBar Pro for MFC

Detailed Description

The CBCGPStatic class implements drawing of a static control using Visual Manager. It's also designed to support drawing on DWM ("Glass") window area.

This control is created automatically when you call EnableVisualManagerStyle for CBCGPDialog, CBCGPDialogBar, CBCGPPropertySheet and CBCGPPropertyPage classes.

+ Inheritance diagram for CBCGPStatic:

Public Member Functions

 IsCaptionModeTells whether control has a caption mode.
 IsTitleModeTells whether control has a title mode.
 SetCaptionModeSpecifies whether control has a caption mode.
 SetPictureSets a picture.
 SetPictureSets a picture.
 SetPictureSets a picture loaded from external file.
 SetPictureSets a picture.
 SetPictureSets a picture.
 SetTitleModeSpecifies whether control has a title mode.

Public Attributes

 m_bDPIAwareIconSpecifies whether icon is DPI-aware.
 m_bOnGlassSpecifies whether a control is located on the "glass" (DWM) area of the parent window.
 m_bVisualManagerStyleSpecifies whether a control has a Visual Manager style look.
 m_clrBkgndSpecifies background color.
 m_clrTextSpecifies text color.

Static Public Attributes

 m_bCheckAlignmentInSizeToContentIf this global member is True, SizeToContent() method takes into account control horizontal alignment (e.g., when alignment is right, the right position remains unchanged). By default, this member is FALSE.