BCGControlBar Pro for MFC

Detailed Description

The CBCGPInfoBoxRenderer class implements drawing of an advanced text box control.

This control is used internally CBCGPInfoBoxCtrl class. Also, you can use it directly for the custom text box drawing. The info box supports the following features:

  • Custom background, text and frame colors
  • Caption support
  • Custom paddings
  • Built-in or custom icons
  • Auto-resize
  • Shadow around the frame
  • Color bar
  • Link
  • Copy content to clipboard
+ Inheritance diagram for CBCGPInfoBoxRenderer:

Public Member Functions

 CBCGPInfoBoxRendererClass constructor.
 DoDrawDraws the control content.
 GetTextHorizontalOffsetGets text horizontal offset.
 IsTextTruncatedTells whether the text is truncated.
 SetInfoBoxFontSets information box font.

Public Attributes

 m_bAlwaysUnderlineLinkSpecifies whether the link is always underlined. Set it to FALSE if you wish to underline the link only if link is hovered.
 m_bDrawMoreTooltipMarkerTRUE to draw "More" tooltip marker.
 m_bDrawShadowTRUE to draw shadow.
 m_bFixedFrameHeightSpecifies whether the info box frame occupies the whole control area vertically.
 m_bFixedFrameWidthSpecifies whether the info box frame occupies the whole control area horizontally.
 m_bHyperlinksSpecifies whether the info box has hyper links in the text.
 m_bIsColorBarOnLeftThe color bar location (left or right).
 m_bRoundedCornersSpecifies whether the info box frame has rounded corners.
 m_bVisualThemeColorsSpecifies whether the info box will be drawn using currently selected visual theme.
 m_CaptionStyleThe caption style.
 m_clrBackgroundThe background color.
 m_clrCaptionThe caption text color.
 m_clrColorBarThe color bar fill color.
 m_clrForegroundThe text color.
 m_clrFrameThe frame color.
 m_clrLinkThe link color.
 m_nColorBarWidthThe color bar width (in pixels).
 m_nHorzAlignThe horizontal align (TA_LEFT, TA_CENTER or TA_RIGHT).
 m_nIconIndexZero-based index of the predefined icon.
 m_nVertAlignThe vertical align (TA_TOP, TA_CENTER or TA_BOTTOM).
 m_rectPaddingThe control padding.