BCGControlBar Pro for MFC

Detailed Description

The CBCGPInfoBoxCtrl class implements drawing of an advanced text box control. See CBCGPInfoBoxRenderer class description for more info.

+ Inheritance diagram for CBCGPInfoBoxCtrl:

Public Member Functions

 CopyToClipboardCopies control content to the clipboard.
 GetCaptionGets the caption.
 GetIconGets the icon.
 GetLinkGets the link.
 SetCaptionSets a caption.
 SetCaptionSets a caption from the resources.
 SetIconSets an icon.
 SetLinkSets a link.
- Public Member Functions inherited from CBCGPStatic
 IsCaptionModeTells whether control has a caption mode.
 IsTitleModeTells whether control has a title mode.
 SetCaptionModeSpecifies whether control has a caption mode.
 SetPictureSets a picture.
 SetPictureSets a picture.
 SetPictureSets a picture loaded from external file.
 SetPictureSets a picture.
 SetPictureSets a picture.
 SetTitleModeSpecifies whether control has a title mode.
- Public Member Functions inherited from CBCGPInfoBoxRenderer
 CBCGPInfoBoxRendererClass constructor.
 DoDrawDraws the control content.
 GetTextHorizontalOffsetGets text horizontal offset.
 IsTextTruncatedTells whether the text is truncated.
 SetInfoBoxFontSets information box font.

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Attributes inherited from CBCGPStatic
 m_bDPIAwareIconSpecifies whether icon is DPI-aware.
 m_bOnGlassSpecifies whether a control is located on the "glass" (DWM) area of the parent window.
 m_bVisualManagerStyleSpecifies whether a control has a Visual Manager style look.
 m_clrBkgndSpecifies background color.
 m_clrTextSpecifies text color.
- Public Attributes inherited from CBCGPInfoBoxRenderer
 m_bAlwaysUnderlineLinkSpecifies whether the link is always underlined. Set it to FALSE if you wish to underline the link only if link is hovered.
 m_bDrawMoreTooltipMarkerTRUE to draw "More" tooltip marker.
 m_bDrawShadowTRUE to draw shadow.
 m_bFixedFrameHeightSpecifies whether the info box frame occupies the whole control area vertically.
 m_bFixedFrameWidthSpecifies whether the info box frame occupies the whole control area horizontally.
 m_bHyperlinksSpecifies whether the info box has hyper links in the text.
 m_bIsColorBarOnLeftThe color bar location (left or right).
 m_bRoundedCornersSpecifies whether the info box frame has rounded corners.
 m_bVisualThemeColorsSpecifies whether the info box will be drawn using currently selected visual theme.
 m_CaptionStyleThe caption style.
 m_clrBackgroundThe background color.
 m_clrCaptionThe caption text color.
 m_clrColorBarThe color bar fill color.
 m_clrForegroundThe text color.
 m_clrFrameThe frame color.
 m_clrLinkThe link color.
 m_nColorBarWidthThe color bar width (in pixels).
 m_nHorzAlignThe horizontal align (TA_LEFT, TA_CENTER or TA_RIGHT).
 m_nIconIndexZero-based index of the predefined icon.
 m_nVertAlignThe vertical align (TA_TOP, TA_CENTER or TA_BOTTOM).
 m_rectPaddingThe control padding.
- Static Public Attributes inherited from CBCGPStatic
 m_bCheckAlignmentInSizeToContentIf this global member is True, SizeToContent() method takes into account control horizontal alignment (e.g., when alignment is right, the right position remains unchanged). By default, this member is FALSE.